Stone Island crosses over from The Casual to The Hip Hop Scene

Stone Island crosses over from The Casual to The Hip Hop Scene

By | March 7, 2018

For a brand that has primarily been associated with British youth culture since the 80s’, it’s interesting to see that Stone Island is making waves in the music scene.

The Italian brand has been an iconic part of British men’s fashion for decades, but has recently started to become popular in the US.

Stone Island was the brainchild of the late Massimo Osti, who formed the brand as a side-line to C.P Company, which provided functional and practical outerwear. Now owned by Carlo Rivetti, the brand has earned a place in the heart of many fashion conscious men (and women) since its introduction to the industry over 30 years ago.

Infamously, Stone Island or ‘Stoney’, played a huge part in the British Casual subculture, when British football fans would follow their teams to Italy and bring some Italian sportswear back with them as a souvenir. The subtle compass logo has made the brand a classic, so there’s no surprise that rappers and musicians alike are still sporting it.

Both Liam and Noel Gallagher have been seen in their Stone Island jackets, with Liam only recently donning a Shadow Project parka to the Brit Awards. In a different musical world, rappers such as Drake and Travis Scott have been giving the compass exposure over in the States. Although Drake has his own label, he has been known to rock the occasional Stone Island piece as seen at his Toronto restaurant opening, in HIS NEW A/W 1994 Burgundy Jumbo Corduroy Pocketed Overshirt, from The Arco Maher Archive.

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This begs the question, what do rappers love so much about Stone Island? It could be the versatility of the brand, the fact that the majority of it is expertly crafted in Italy, or do they just want to up their streetwear game?

Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that Stone Island is definitely having its moment in the US.