Some How Stone Island's Prototype Research Series 07 Sells Out In 10 Seconds

Some How Stone Island’s Prototype Research Series 07 Sells Out In 10 Seconds

May 24, 2023
Dom Challis

We all know how competitive limited and exclusive drops can be, especially when considering how dedicated some resellers can be and the bots that are ready to snatch the rug from under your feet as you’re nearing the checkout – now it seems even Stone Island are falling victim to this tough market.

From Supreme and Palace drops to new Air Jordan collabs that we knew we’d never get our hands on, resellers and bots used to be predictable. Now even Ticketmaster has a bots problem as more people are finding out purchasing pre-sale tickets are unpredictable and unreliable. 

With the launch of Stone Island’s Prototype Research Series 07 and arguably the Italian label’s most advanced design from its annual series, apparently even Stone Island isn’t safe from this competitive market.

Last night (May 23), a very limited quantity of Stone Island‘s heat-reactive garment from its Prototype Research Series 07 was released online and while we all knew it would be a tricky piece to acquire, nobody predicted it would sell-out completely in only 10 seconds.

With only 100 pieces produced and possibly even less put on general sale at Stone Island, the exclusive jacket was placed on sale for £1,105 and is estimated to resell for over £3,000. 

With such a high increase in resell value, it’s unlikely that only genuine buyers are responsible for the incredible 10 second sell out of the garment – the whole situation reeks of committed resellers and bots.

You may not be able to get your hands on a piece, but you can take a first class tour of the unveiling of Stone Island’s Prototype Research Series 07 from April when THT headed over to Milan Design Week for the exclusive unveiling.

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