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Sandbanks Is At The Forefront Of Sustainable Luxury Fashion

January 25, 2022
Hollie Gwinnett

The desire to buy, consume and experience more, is a lifestyle adopted by many. And this consumption culture which exists within society has contributed to a situation that is having devastating consequences on the planet. Consumption has increased rapidly over the last few decades without consideration of how it would impact our future. And this is is why the founders behind Sandbanks wanted to create a sustainable, luxury fashion brand. 

Sandbanks is a luxury fashion brand, helping to protect the future of the planet. The brands products are made almost entirely from recycled and regenerated materials created from post-consumer plastic waste found in the oceans and landfill. They state on their website that they opt for sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing choices. Ensuring that it does not sacrifice quality. 

The sustainable brand works with partners including Econyl, Seaquel, Polartec, Thermore, Lampo and many others, who provide access to premium sustainable and technical fabrics and components. The products are made with longevity in mind; to tackle the impact of waste. ALL garments are made in Europe adhering to environmental and ethical standards. Sandbanks also adopts a zero real fur and down policy. 

Take a look below at some of their products and head over to Tessuti and Choice to see more from Sandbanks.  

Sandbanks Branksome Parka


Sandbanks Chester Parka


Sandbanks Econyl Gilet

Was £395   Now £235

Sandbanks Sun Stripe Sweatshirt

Was £220   Now £129

Sandbanks Basic Badge Track Pants

Was £115   Now £95

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