Rumours Are Circulating Of Yeezy-Free Adidas 350s Releasing In January

Rumours Are Circulating Of Yeezy-Free Adidas 350s Releasing In January

December 21, 2022
Dom Challis

When Adidas confirmed the end of their partnership with Kanye “Ye” West and his YEEZY brand after his anti-Semitism remarks, Adidas announced their plans to continue producing YEEZY trainers without the YEEZY branding.

We’ve been wondering how this would look exactly, and we may finally be getting some clarity of what Adidas has in mind.

Rumours have begun circulating online suggesting that Adidas are close to releasing the next pair of 350 V2 trainers in January, in the Granite colourway and without the YEEZY branding. Take a look at the trainers in question below:

The rumoured 350 V2 trainers appear to be priced at exactly the same as before, regardless of the YEEZY branding no longer existing and the fact that we know Adidas are saving millions in royalty fees.

YEEZY trainers were such a major part of Adidas and their income. So much that a sudden earnings call in November was held to publicly adjust its expected income for 2022 and to restate its ownership of certain YEEZY trainers.

Many have been complaining that pricing the trainers the exact same price is unfair as without the YEEZY branding, there’s nothing to separate these Adidas trainers from the knockoffs.  

As of now, this is all officially unconfirmed – but very believable. I imagine that if the rumours are true, we’ll be getting some confirmation on the new direction for the YEEZY line of footwear, early in the new year.

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