Pharrell's HUMANRACE Brand to Make Its UK Debut at Selfridges

Pharrell’s HUMANRACE Brand to Make Its UK Debut at Selfridges

November 21, 2022
Dom Challis

It’s been a long time coming, but Pharrell Williams’ Humanrace label is launching in the UK, exclusively at one of London’s top global retailers – Selfridges.

First releasing in 2016, Pharrell’s Humanrace brand has spent the last 6-7 years cementing itself as one of the streetwear industries leading labels, despite having a relatively short lifespan.

The label which has recently debuted its new award-winning skincare line, owes a portion of their rapid rise to the top to the brand’s numerous sought-after collaborations with Adidas Originals. 

Pharrell had this to say about Humanrace coming to Selfridges: “We are humbled that Selfridges is bringing Humanrace in-store to the UK.

“It’s not often to experience a force like Selfridges that values creativity and customer experience while committing to a more sustainable future in the way Selfridges has so seamlessly done.”

Set to launch at Selfridges London, Manchester, Trafford, Birmingham, and online this Friday 25 November – Humanrace will begin its UK proceedings with the launch of its Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Another Adidas Originals collaborations is set to follow, which includes a rework of the popular Samba silhouette

Humanrace are not only launching their clothing line at Selfridges, but also their skincare line will be featured in Selfridges’ beauty section – offering a selection of all-gender, vegan, and refillable skincare products.

In celebration of the release, Selfridges will also be hosting a panel talk, titled “In Conversation with Pharrell Williams and Humanrace.” The event will see Pharrell joined by various guests in Selfridges’ unique cinema space in London, on Saturday 26 November. 

You can sign up to attend the event for £15 at Eventbrite.

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