Pharrell Set To Debut His First Louis Vuitton Collection At PFW

Pharrell Set To Debut His First Louis Vuitton Collection At PFW

May 24, 2023
Dom Challis

Singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, actor, designer – what hasn’t Pharrell Williams done? Debut his first Louis Vuitton collection but that’s all about to change this July during Paris Fashion Week. 

Having been appointed as Men’s Creative Director for French fashion house Louis Vuitton in February, the first to take on the roll since the late Virgil Abloh, Pharrell is now set to debut his first Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

With big boots to fill, one of the only glimpses of Pharrell’s new LV era we’ve so far seen is the two white and brown monogram leather jackets Pharrell wore on an outing in New York in April (seen below).

Fans where left feeling underwhelmed with what is presumably one of Pharrell’s first LV pieces that seems to move away from the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic the brand has used in their approach in recent years, and more of an in your face, less subtle approach.

What Pharrell‘s new Louis Vuitton will look like and if the Virgil Abloh successor is up for the challenge still remains a mystery, but so far Pharrell’s never given us any reason to doubt him. 

One thing that’s already changed is LV‘s typical schedule, that traditionally sees Louis Vuitton debut their latest collections on the Thursday slot of Paris Fashion Week. Whereas Pharrell’s new LV collection is set to debut during PFW’s opening night at 8:30pm.

Paris Fashion Week is set to take place from Monday, July 3 – Thursday, July 6, where all us fashion fans will hopefully get to see the new direction of Louis Vuitton.

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