Off-White Launches a New Instagram That Reveals Life Behind the Brand

Off-White Launches a New Instagram That Reveals Life Behind the Brand

August 15, 2020
Eleanor Davidson

There is probably no fashion brand more committed to its social media presence than Virgil Abloh’s Off-White.  The luxury streetwear line has a grand total of 31 Instagram accounts, covering their different product ranges, store locations and brand inspirations.

The list of Off-White Instagram accounts just got one longer with the introduction of the ‘@off_white_seasons, dedicated to giving fans a behind the scenes look at the making of the Off White collections.

Abloh wanted to provide fans, particularly those of the younger generation, with an insight into how his clothes make it onto the catwalk. In an interview with, Abloh explained that the account is going to be “the home of future seasons; it will be the place where we can story-tell and show our process, thereby letting people into the DNA of Off-White, not just the surface of Off-White.”

With today’s popularity of social media and the importance of Instagram to fashion brands, this move from Abloh may seem nothing to get excited about. However, when you consider that luxury fashion is often presented as something aspirational and out of reach, held on a pedestal by many, documenting the ‘BTS’ of a collection bridges the gap between ‘them’ and ‘us’ and opens up a conversation between consumer and designer.

The account launched with Off-White’s men’s and women’s 2021 resort collection and features imagery styled by Ibrahim Kamara and photographed by Andrea Artemisio. Alongside these carefully crafted, editorial images, you’ll also find screenshots from Whatsapp conversations, design developments and pictures capturing the behind the scenes of a shoot-day. As a result, scrolling down the @off_white_seasons page you can literally see the journey that Abloh and the team went on to arrive at the beautiful images by Kamara and Artemisio.

As the off_white_seasons Instagram account evolves, it will continue to be a place where Abloh showcases his processes, as well as serving as a platform to shine a spotlight on his collaborators. Given that ‘real-life’ fashion shows seem to be off the cards for the time being, Abloh’s latest Instagram account should fill the fashion void created by coronavirus.

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