Nike's Space Hippie Collection Transforms Trash into Trainers
Nike's Space Hippie Collection Transforms Trash into Trainers 4

Nike’s Space Hippie Collection Transforms Trash into Trainers

July 15, 2020
Eleanor Davidson

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world and is responsible for water pollution, microfibres entering our oceans and the destruction of rainforests- and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is no secret that the fashion industry desperately needs to evolve its production methods and take more accountability for the devastating impacts that it has on our planet. And with this latest release from Nike, it seems the sportswear giant are doing just that.

According to Nike, the Space Hippie trainer is “a story of trash transformed” and is made from at least 45-50% of recycled materials. Coming in three different silhouettes (Space Hippie 01, 02 and 03) there’s a design to suit everyone.

‘Space waste yarn’ is used to construct the shoe upper which contains recycled polyester made from a combination of waste plastic bottles, t-shirts and yarn scraps. The midsole is constructed of ‘Nike Grind’ and a blend of foams designed to create added stability for the wearer and a unique design aesthetic. Meanwhile, the insole is made from ZoomX foam scraps (the same foam that is used in Nike’s Next% running shoes) to help reduce the amount of waste materials produced in the manufacturing process.

In another move to minimise waste and increase sustainability in the Space Hippies, Nike ditched the double box in favour of a single shoebox made from repurposed materials. They even printed onto the box with plant-based ink.

All three designs come in grey with neon green accent details and the chunky cream soles are flecked with coloured speckles; a result of the blended foam construction.

The design variations across the three shoes are minimal yet distinctive. The most noticeable difference between the Space Hippie 01, 02 and 03 is the silhouette: there’s a low, mid and high-top style to choose from. If you’re looking for a really unique pair of sneakers, the high-top Space Hippie 03 is the most stand-out of the trio. With a surplus FastFit tightening system and additional green and orange side panels, the 03 are eco-friendly sneakers that don’t make any sacrifices on the style front.

Releasing at 8am on 16th July, prices range from £114.95- £159.95 and will be available to buy here from Nike SNKRS.


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