Nike’s ISPA Collection are ‘Shoes of the Future’

Nike’s ISPA Collection are ‘Shoes of the Future’

July 7, 2020
Eleanor Davidson

Improvise. Scavenge. Protect. Adapt. That’s what Nike’s ISPA collection stands for. A forwards-thinking collection, Nike ISPA products are futuristic and innovative, combining aesthetics with technology and research to create apparel that’s adaptable to the ever-changing human environment.

Five new shoe silhouettes have recently been announced by Nike in the ISPA range, each one designed with specific performance capabilities in mind. The first design to set to release is the ‘Overreact’, releasing on July 9th with the other silhouettes following in a staggered release through till September.

Each new silhouette offers something completely different in the way of aesthetics and construction. The ‘Overreact FK’, the first shoe to be released, has a chunky react foam midsole, like previous Nike React models. The shoe upper is lightweight and constructed from a mixture of recycled yarns providing a light, cushioned feel for the wearer.

The Overreact FK Sandal offers the same approach to comfort as the former but in a more minimal, stripped down aesthetic, designed for warmer climates. The mid-sole and out-sole share the same, disproportionate tread pattern and feature an improvised traction system. The Overreact Sandal upper has a unique, stripped down construction formed of visible and invisible layers. This combination provides the wearer with structure and a sense of protection while allowing free airflow making the shoes more breathable. The Overreact FK Sandal are available to buy from July 31st.

Designed for those who are constantly on the go, the Nike Zoom Road Warrior is set to release on July 10th and combines innovations from running, basketball, training and outdoor footwear. Featuring an open floating heel, the Zoom Road Warrior borrows elements from early Nike Shox prototypes. The upper is a hybrid of tough training shoes and outdoor pursuit designs, providing agility, containment and protection. A knit patch upper also makes these shoes super breathable offering maximum performance, however you choose to move in them.

The Nike Flow is the fourth silhouette releasing and is inspired by extreme sport athletes. Featuring a perforated, breathable outsole that allows for internal intake of airflow making these shoes great for all-day wear or for warmer climates. Utilising the most cutting-edge technology, the ISPA Flow is, according to Nike, “ISPA process at its nerdiest.” 13th August is the date that you can expect them to go on sale.

The final offering and last to be released in the ISPA range, is the Drifter. Offering a more casual look than some of the aforementioned designs, the Drifter transforms the unique, split toe Tabi design into a lightweight lifestyle shoe, perfectly designed for today’s built environment. Set to release 1st September, the Drifter also features Nike ZoomX foam, a feature found in many of Nike’s fastest running shoes.

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