Nike’s ‘Home and Away’ pack feature colour changing sneakers

Nike’s ‘Home and Away’ pack feature colour changing sneakers

By Hollie Gwinnett | May 26, 2020

The Nike Air Max 90 and Nike Air Force 1 Low are receiving a customisable arrangement in this new ‘Home and Away pack’. Releasing on the 6th June will be a six-sneaker collection as Nike show more of their scratch off technology.

The collection, which consists of 6 variations, sports colours from fan-favourite teams across the globe. The shows showcase a rub off detail (in the form of brush off leather) in which each shoes colour can change from home to away shades, and vice versa. The change of the colours is based upon the unique wearing patterns of each person who owns the shoe. How does this work? Well, the more times you wear the shoes, you will wear away the top layer of the upper, revealing a new colour underneath. This adds a new meaning to the word ‘longevity’ as each time you wear them, they are changing, and it adds new life to the shoes.

This scratch off concept has been used in the past by Nike and has been appearing more frequently in Nike’s latest releases. Such as the Nike Air Force 1 Reveal sneakers that were released last month, which allow you to tear away parts of the shoe to reveal different colours. This ensures that no two pairs will be the same.

The ‘Home and Away’ pack includes three iterations of the Air Max 90, and three of the Air Force 1. Possibly Nike’s two most classic and beloved sneakers that were created between the late 80’s and early 90’s. Nike often releases collections with these silhouettes and every time they prove to be popular.

Both silhouettes come in three different colourways inspired by ‘home’ and ‘away’ team colours. The first of the AF1 is an all-black upper that transforms to a clay red hue. Possibly the most wearable of the collection, the red tone that will eventually show through makes a subtle statement. Next we have the most unusual pair as we rarely see a grey Air Forces, these have a soft grey upper that fades to royal blue, alongside a red Swoosh. And finally, the much loved white AF1 which changes to a deep purple shade.

We have only seen two colourways of the Air Max 90’s and the images we do have don’t show the shoe as ‘worn’ so all we have seen so far is a black and orange colourway and a black and blue colourway. But as the collection is releasing next week Nike will sure to be leaking more images.

The feature, however, that is exciting people the most is the jewel Swoosh branding on the sides of the sneaker. The jewel Swoosh has only been seen once before on the Air Max 90 as opposed to the AF1 that has often featured the jewel Swoosh. As of yet, no price has been given so be sure to keep an eye on as the Home and Away pack is being released on June 6th.

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