Nike ‘Adapt Auto Max’ are the Latest Shoes to Benefit from FitAdapt Technology

Nike ‘Adapt Auto Max’ are the Latest Shoes to Benefit from FitAdapt Technology

July 2, 2020
Eleanor Davidson

Nike’s latest ‘Anthracite Adapt Auto Max’ offer us a glimpse into what the future of wearable technology could look like.

Going on sale July 3rd at 8AM GMT on, the Adapt Auto Max are the latest innovation by sportswear giant Nike. Based on the original Air Max silhouette which debuted in 1987, the classic shoe has come a long way since then.

FitAdapt technology has been pioneered by Nike to bring a new sneaker-wearing experience to the consumer. The innovative technology uses ‘power laces’ to allow the wearer to find their optimum comfort and fit. However, the customisation doesn’t stop there. The Adapt Auto Max features two lights on the outer sole which can be set to one of 13 different colours, with the additional option of having the lights pulse for up to an hour. So, these shoes will make you light up the room, quite literally.

Once you slip your feet into the Adapt Auto Max, the power laces will automatically get to work tightening your shoes to the perfect fit. If the fit still isn’t as you’d like it, you can use the Nike Adapt app to tighten or slacken off the shoes accordingly. The Adapt app is also where you go to, to adjust the lighting colour of your shoes. Want an even more futuristic experience? You can use Siri and Google Assistant shortcuts to adjust your shoes via voice command.

All of this innovative technology comes at a price however, and a pretty steep one too! The Anthracite Adapt Auto Max will set you back a massive £339.95. But, the FitAdapt technology is still very new so the premium price point is to be expected. Hopefully, as this type of technology becomes more common place within the footwear market, the price will become more accessible too.

The shoe upper is made from a lightweight, breathable material that contours to your foot to allow for the perfect fit, whatever you’re doing in them. A TPU plate at the end of the toes adds stability, providing additional foot support. The chunky, teal sole is fitted with a new Max Air unit, providing more air under-foot for an extra-soft wearing experience.

Due to the FitAdapt technology, one of the possible downsides of the Adapt Auto Max is the fact that these shoes need charging when not in use. The charging plate comes with the shoes, so there’s no additional cost and you can check on their charging progress through the Adapt APP.

Moving forwards, it’ll be interesting to see which other shoe lines Nike choose to fit with FitAdapt technology.


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