Mikey From Trapstar Gives Back To The Community For His Birthday (G'Day)

Mikey From Trapstar Gives Back To The Community For His Birthday (G’Day)

February 21, 2023
Dom Challis

One of the three founders of Trapstar – Mikey, celebrated his birthday (or G’Day for give back) on Feb 19 by taking it back to where it all started in West London and giving back to the community. 

The location of the roadblock affair was unveiled to be Broadwick St, West London, after Mikey shared a picture of the location to the labels loyal following on his Instagram. 

As an act of gratitude for over 10 years of loyalty and support from the community, the Trapstar crew went back to West London to give out food and clothes to the local community.

The food that was shared came directly from the kitchens of London food chains – Chicken Kitchen and Joyce’s Jerk Joint.

The orange Trapstar puffer jackets were on full display as fans queued for some of West London’s finest fast food and Trapstar garments that came packaged in small Trapstar pizza boxes – the same packaging Trapstar used to use back in the day.

Since Mikey, Lee, and Will founded Trapstar in 2008, the label has since reached global success and also run their own store in Notting Hill. Not only has the label grown an extremely loyal and committed following, its also loved and praised by the UK urban music scene. 

OG Trapstar fans will remember when the label used to work primarily out of MySpace and merchandise would be purchased via a direct message of text to the “trap phone.” Payment and pick-up would then be arranged and collected at a secret location, distributed in the pizza boxes seen above. 

Known for their bold graphical tops and brand-repping caps and matching tracksuits – Trapstar is pure London heritage and everyday It continues to bridge the gap between high fashion and streetwear. 

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