Meet Larmar Berko & LB Jewellers - London's No.1 Celebrity Jeweller

Meet Larmar Berko & LB Jewellers – London’s No.1 Celebrity Jeweller

February 24, 2023
Dom Challis

From Floyd Mayweather, Burna Boy, Russ Millions, Joey Essex and many more – there’s a new name in London town that’s become the celebrity hot spot for copping luxury bits of bling and It’s called LB Jewellers by Lamar Berko. 

Dubbed London’s fastest-rising celebrity jeweller, Berko and his brand LB jewellers have come from humble beginnings and made a name for themselves as the go-to destination for top stars seeking unique jewellery pieces. 

Founded in 2013 and based in London Moorgate, LB Jewellers holds the title of ‘number one jeweller’ for exclusive watches and custom diamond jewellery that have graced the bodies of many A-listers. 

Berko’s journey to success wasn’t without its obstacles. Inspired by the sale of his first watch at the age of 19, Berko put everything he had into perfecting his craft and establishing himself as a reputable brand in a competitive industry.

As a young entrepreneur with no investors or support system, Berko built his brand from the ground up through sheer determination and maintaining a high standard of quality.

LB Jewellers offers something most modern jewellers do not – by adapting to the rise of social media, Berko offers an around the clock, on demand service. 

Using a number of social media platforms, Berko began growing a loyal following by appealing to the masses with a customer service which has not previously been offered by other brands.

Taken from the LB Jewellers website, this service includes: “Deliveries; including internationally, end to end unparalleled customer satisfaction, meticulous attention to detail and an all around first class customer experience.”

Berko’s done what many of us wished we done – he knew what he wanted to achieve from a young age and relentlessly pursued it. I’m sure his journey will inspire others to be as persistent with their dreams and endeavors.

With a real talent for crafting some of the most stunning and unique timepieces, diamond encrusted pieces and many more high-end jewells – Berko and his impressive clientele are well on their way to the No.1 jeweller spot.

LB Jewellers are also working on expanding the brand to Dubai, France, Monaco, and Lexembourg. 

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