Louis Vuitton Pre Spring 2021 collection
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Louis Vuitton Pre Spring 2021 collection

July 15, 2020
Hollie Gwinnett

Louis Vuitton have showcased their newest menswear collection, pre spring 2021, designed by Virgil Abloh. Due to the current situation people can’t visit and watch runway shows so the French fashion house plans to hold a series of events around the world that will unfold in a seasonless format. Since people can’t travel to the shows, the shows will come to them.

Last week, Louis Vuitton released a short film on their socials, website and YouTube which showed the collection in an interesting way. The short film features a mixture of animated and live action characters (who are all genderless) wearing the new collection. The imaginary characters are seen packing up a Louis Vuitton shipping crate in Paris that gets loaded onto a barge and floats down the Seine. The barge is heading towards Tokyo and Shangai where there will be two IRL experiences next month. The collection will unfold over the course of a virtual international journey.

The collection is designed by Virgil Abloh and the preview shows a very defined and subtle aesthetic, as it continues to push Abloh’s idea of luxury everyday wear. The collection will feature 30 brand new looks made from new material, 25 looks made from recycled material and 25 looks from the most recent Louis Vuitton collection. The imaginary characters in the film are seen wearing black and white checked suits, vintage tees, and flared trousers. From what we can see so far the collection has some 70’s vibes whilst incorporating workwear references. Monogram bags will be updated as rather than the usual brown colourway we are used to seeing there will now be an all-black colourway as well as bags made with pastel toile. Virgil stays true to his streetwear roots by designing bucket hats which are adorned with metal LV monogram detailing.

The luxury fashion house will also introduce a new sneaker, featuring a semi-transparent and shock absorbent sole. The new silhouette will more than likely become a new Louis Vuitton favourite. Alongside the sneaker we will also get new Derby and Chelsea boots.

Abloh’s inspiration from the collection has likely been everything that has been going on in the world as he often picks things from the surrounding world as a reference for his collections. His inspiration this time round has been the shift in the fashion industry’s focus during lockdown to healthcare and the environment. The collection notes also refer frequently to ‘inclusivity’ likely in reference to the BLM movement, something that has been happening globally as well as something that is very close to Virgil.

The full collection look book will arrive at the end of the month and the collection will drop between November and February. If you want to have a look at the collection so far then head over to Louis Vuitton to discover the collection and to watch the innovate film. And if you want more content like this, then head over to our blog where you can discover all the latest news in fashion and music. You can also sign up to our newsletter so that you can keep up to date with the latest trends, discount codes, competitions and more.