London Off Licenses' Are Selling PRIME Energy Drinks For Five Time It's Value

London Off Licenses’ Are Selling PRIME Energy Drinks For Five Time It’s Value

December 23, 2022
Dom Challis

Owned by KSI and Logan Paul, PRIME Hydration Drinks have proved to be extremely popular in the UK and while the energy drink has often been sold out in most places this winter, off licenses in and around London have reportedly stuck a whopping £10 price tag on the remaining bottles they have.

The popular energy drink is usually sold for a reasonable £2 at Asda, due to their exclusive deal with the supermarket.

However, people have been seen queuing outside Asda at 5am and teenagers have been getting up before dawn in parts of the UK in hopes of getting their hands on a bottle before the day begins.

Whilst off licenses’ and newsagents are selling the PRIME energy drink for upwards of £10, a “black market” has even been created by people in the UK where the drinks are sold at absurd prices.

The PRIME Hydration Bottles have proved so popular in the UK, that one opportunist even put two bottles on Gumtree for £25.

Another shocking example is of a mum from Scotland, who travelled more than 250 miles to West Yorkshire to purchase six bottles of the PRIME energy drink for a ridiculous £250.

As of yet, the only available PRIME product is their hydration bottles in a variety of fruity flavours. KSI and Logan Paul have confirmed on YouTube that they soon plan to introduce canned energy drinks to their product line.

PRIME also became the official hydration partner for Arsenal FC following its official UK launch in May – setting the drink up for a popular start from the beginning.

Is the PRIME energy drink as nice as people are making it out to be? Say you’re in your local off license and see a bottle of PRIME for £10, would you consider it or are you sticking to the OG Lucazade? 

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