Lacoste Celebrates 90 years Of The Iconic Crocodile

Lacoste Celebrates 90 years Of The Iconic Crocodile

May 31, 2023
Dom Challis

Celebrating a 90th anniversary is something every contemporary brand wishes for and although they don’t exactly make many headlines as of late, Lacoste is well and truly integrated into the sportswear and fashion sectors. 

Since being established in 1933, there’s isn’t a crocodile nearly as famous as the one that represents the beloved French fashion label Lacoste

In celebration of the huge milestone for the label that started out producing apparel for the tennis court, Lacoste has unveiled its campaign where the brand travels around the world to tell the stories of eight different communities.

Lacoste has smartly used the use of fashion and cinema to shoot eight different communities and capture their unique cultures and locations through a singular photo.

From Miami to Marseille and Brazil to South Korea, all the differences and unexpected similarities of these contrasting communities are captured and magically brought together through the use of split screen. 

Check out the 90th birthday celebrations of the Lacoste Crocodile in the imagery above or if you want to check out the latest Lacoste summer garments, head over to trusted retailers such as: END., Farfetch, or EQVVS.

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