Kanye's Yeezy Season 10 Show Was The Strangest Fashion Show Ever

Kanye’s Yeezy Season 10 Show Was The Strangest Fashion Show Ever

May 3, 2023
Dom Challis

Kanye West (Ye) secretly held his Yeezy season 10 fashion show in Los Angeles on Monday, May 1 and the excessive amount of skinhead models and lack of fashionable designs made the low-key event look like a cult meeting more than anything else.

Towards the end of April, Ye began hiring models (shaved heads necessary), and the event saw an array of bald models, holding candles and dressed in only skin-tight white T-shirts and black trousers.

The focus on the show can’t of been on the clothing but more on the fact that the event existed at all. Yeezy season 9 was a disaster, after being unveiled in October 2022, right at the time when Ye’s infamous hate-speech was all over the news and the Yeezy brand looked to be done for.

After his partnership with Adidas was terminated shortly after the Yeezy season 9 show, Ye remained quiet for some time but continued to focus his energy on his Yeezy brand.

The infamous Adidas Kanye saga hasn’t ended yet either, as reports tell us that investors are looking to sue Adidas over Ye’s problematic behaviour

Ye’s very strange Yeezy season 10 show was held in a beaten up store in West Hollywood where Ye was nowhere to be found. Rumours tells us he spent the event sat in a car with his apparent wife, Bianca Censori. 

At least the Yeezy season 9 show presented plenty of actual outfits we hadn’t seen before, even though the pieces never got produced.

invitations to the event came by way of posts from Ye stan pages on Instagram and Twitter, Ye’s preferred method of communication these days which is very different from the high-budget press releases of recent years.

The title of the event was even named ‘YZY FREE.’ It’s likely that this event wasn’t the genuine Yeezy season 10 show and possibly only a teaser.

Considering Ye’s partnership with Adidas terminating and plenty in the industry not wanting to work with Ye, It’s easy to assume these types of weird pop-up events could be the new norm for Ye and Yeezy.

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