JME Continues The String Of Releases From His Latest Album ‘Grime MC’

JME Continues The String Of Releases From His Latest Album ‘Grime MC’

By Rachel Tooley | May 20, 2020

British Grime MC, JME, also known as the co-founder of the music label ‘Boy Better Know’ recently released his newest album ‘Grime MC’ which is available in full via CD and vinyl formats only. Recently, the artist has been releasing a string of singles taken from the album for fans to listen to on various streaming platforms such as Spotify.

The artist, who is also known previously for being part of the grime collective ‘Meridian Crew’, where he worked with older brother Skepta, has been a huge influence within the Grime movement. JME and Skepta are two huge names in the British Grime scene, who have been essential for the development for the music genre in recent years, and will continue to be so for a long time to come. Born in Tottenham, London, both JME and Skepta joined the record label ‘Roll Deep’ at the beginning of their careers, before creating their very own ‘Boy Better Know’ label (aka BBK) in 2005. BBK soon progressed to sign a range of artists including Jammer, Frisco and Shorty.


The duo’s success over their careers definitely comes from the versatility of their work, not to mention their ability to adapt to an ever-changing industry. JME and Skepta have worked together to create music for many years, whilst also performing individually to create some of the most iconic music moments of all time. Skepta vs Devilman (a Birmingham based MC, who works heavily with drum and bass) was a moment that blew up within Grime history, as part of ‘Lord Of The Mics 2’, which was part of a series of grime clashes between different artists. Nowadays, both artists are consistently releasing hit singles including JME’s ‘Man Don’t Care’ featuring Giggs, which debuted in 2015 and hit over 53 million views on YouTube, and ‘Shut Down’ which Skepta released in the same year, which hit over 48 million views on YouTube. The two brothers are for sure some of the most famous within the UK music scene. As artists, they have had many successful collaborative hits over the years alongside their individual works, including ‘That’s Not Me’ by Skepta, featuring JME, which was released in 2014.

The new ‘Grime MC’ album was released by JME last year, on the 29th November, and was exclusively made available on CD and vinyl only. When the artist got questioned about the old school release during an interview with Tim Westwood, JME explained “I’m trying to figure out how people who love music like me can consume it. I’m not making music for people to have a £10 a month subscription to some company that gives [artists] 0.000001 pence per stream and throws my song on a playlist.”

The latest singles to be debuted on streaming platforms include ‘Nang’ featuring older brother Skepta, which released on the 11th May. The music video to ‘Nang’ is also available on YouTube, where we can see the artist sporting the Nikelab ACG Deploy Gore-Tex jacket. Just another week later, the artist has released another single for the album, this time with the title ‘Pricks’, which debuted on the 18th. ‘Grime MC’ contains 18 singles in total, so there’s much more still in store for us this year in terms of releases, which are highly anticipated for, here at The Hoxton Trend.

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Researcher: Levi Hudlin, @levihudlin