Jenna Ortega Goes From The Adams Family To The Adidas Family

Jenna Ortega Goes From The Adams Family To The Adidas Family

February 2, 2023
Dom Challis

Best known as being the heart of the Adams family in Netflix’s Wednesday series, Jenna Ortega has officially been announced as the latest member of the Adidas family and will even become the face of Adidas’ new line.

As explained by Adidas – Ortega embodies the relentless pursuit of creativity on which the brand was founded on more than 70 years ago. To this effect, Ortega is now not only the latest brand ambassador for Adidas, but she’s also lined up to be the face of the Three Stripes first new label in 50 years: Adidas Sportswear. 

Brian Grevy, an Adidas Executive Board Member had this to say: “It’s so exciting that we can announce Jenna Ortega has joined us to launch our first new label in 50 years. A progressive and passionate next generation pioneer that is making waves across the globe.

“Her fresh and creative way of thinking is what we, as a brand, found ourselves on and continue to be inspired by.”

The sportswear giants move to sign 20-year-old Jenna Ortega indicates that Adidas have their sights set on capturing the attention of Generation Z consumers. 

The emphasis Adidas have put on Ortega’s creativity implies that the German-founded sportswear brand’s new line will have a focus on lifestyle products. 

Imagery of the debut Adidas Sportswear collection can be seen in the gallery above, where inspiration has clearly been adopted from the Adidas Originals collection. 

References to multiple sports such as football can also be found throughout the new collection. Ortega herself is a football fan and has publicly expressed her fandom of the Mexican Football Federation, thanks to her Mexican and Puerto Rican-American roots.

Not only apparel, but two brand new pairs of the Adidas AVRYN have also been unveiled as part of the new Adidas Sportswear line.

The first drop from the Adidas Sportswear line is expected to launch at the Adidas website on Thursday, February 9 and prices are expected to vary from £40 – £140.

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