How to use the Certilogo correctly and what happens when one is fake?

How to Use the Certilogo Correctly and What Happens When One is Fake?

January 30, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

Many of your favourite brands including Stone Island and CP Company use the Certilogo. So, we wanted to give you a run down on what happens when a Certilogo is fake, and how to use a real one! As always, check Hoxton’s video out down below and head over to our retailers page. Plus, if you want to save money on certilogo approved products then you can use our exclusive code at Sevenstore, use code THT15. 

It’s important to know that it is not possible for someone to copy a Certilogo as they use AI technology within the authentication process. This being said, never show or give your genuine Certilogo code to someone as it can create a lot of problems on the certilogo system. It’s best to keep the code to yourself to prevent any anomalies cropping up on the system. 

To check whether your product is genuine you just have to scan the QR code on the label with your smartphone. This will then take you straight to the Certilogo website. Next you will be asked a series of questions and it’s important that you answer them correctly. If certilogo find some anomalies they may ask you to send more pictures of the label and once this is done it will say whether your item is real or fake.   


The first question you will be asked is whether you bought the item in store or online. Online can include from genuine retailers, Facebook marketplace or even eBay. If you click in store, they will ask you to type in the location of store. You will then be asked a few simple questions before being told the authenticity of your product.

The Certilogo process is really quick and the best way to tell if you have a fake or genuine product. A lot of brands use Certilogo and we recommend buying through our website to ensure what you’re buying is the real thing. Take a look at Stone Island, CP Company, Palm Angel’s and Off-White, just some of the brands that use Certilogo.       

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