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How to Spot an AAA Grade Fake Canada Goose Jacket

May 8, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

If you want to buy a Canada Goose jacket then its best to buy from a trusted retailer, as there are so many fakes when you buy online from sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, so Hox is here to help you spot a fake Canada Goose jacket. As always, check out the range of coats and jackets on our website, from brands like Canada Goose, CP Company, Barbour and more!

Fake packaging

If you order from a trusted retailer, your Canada Goose jacket will come in a branded box (either white or black). And if it doesn’t come in a box, it will be in a small suit bag. However, if you’re buying your jacket from somewhere else and it arrives in a thin, cheap looking dust bag then unfortunately it is a fake.

The badge

The badge on a genuine Canada Goose jacket will be perfectly made. The stitching will not be overlapping, and it will not touch the outside of the circle. The fakes are obviously not made to as good of a quality. So, if the stitching on your badge doesn’t look right, it is most likely a fake.

Zippers and studs

A genuine Canada Goose jacket uses Vislon YKK zippers. These zips are good quality, heavy and chunky. However, a fake jacket will not use these zippers, and instead they will be thin and not engraved. Another thing to check is the studs/poppers. The genuine jacket will have engraved studs whereas the fake will not.

The hologram

Always, check the label inside the jacket. Although this can be quite hard as the fake jackets do good copies of the labels, Hox shared some important tips. The genuine label will have another label which serves as a flap over the hologram, this is something the fake doesn’t have. The hologram itself will also be very dull.

Watch Hox’s video down below to find out some extra tips on how to spot a fake! And head over to our Canada goose page for certainty that you’re buying a genuine Canada Goose item.