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How To Clean Your Canada Goose Parka And Get 15% Off A Canada Goose Jacket

December 14, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

If you have a Canada Goose jacket, then you know the struggle of trying not to get it dirty. With a jacket as expensive as a Canada Goose, you want to be careful, but today Hox shows you the best way to clean your jacket. In the below video we are specifically talking about the parkas that use Canada Goose arctic tech technology. 

What is arctic tech? According to the Canada Goose website, the artic tech fabrics are designed to stay dry and keep you warm in extreme conditions and climates. It is made of: 

[85%] POLYESTER + [15%] COTTON

Before you start cleaning your jacket we recommend you have: a microfibre cloth, a spray bottle filled with water and soap, a hairdryer, and a debobbler.

Canada Goose jackets are prone to getting marks and stains, but the material means it is easy to wipe down. So, squirt the stain with some soap and water and wipe with the microfibre cloth. If it is quite a tricky stain then you can add more soap, don’t worry if the jacket is soaking up too much water. You can then hang the jacket up to dry and see your stain disappear. Repeat the process if needs be, but if you have tried 3 times and it still hasn’t come out then it may be a permanent stain. 

If you choose to take your jacket to the dry cleaners then ensure that they can clean Canada Goose as not all of them have the ability to do so. The average price can cost between £15-£35. However, try not to take it to be dry cleaned all the time as the problem with dry cleaning is, if it’s done too often the colour can start to fade especially down the seams and under the arm pit.

Watch the video below to see Hox run through the cleaning process in more detail.

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