How TikTok dominates fashion trends

How TikTok dominates fashion trends

March 2, 2022
Dom Challis

2022 TikTok fashion trends, predicted by TikTok: Platform footwear, balaclavas, knitwear, indie sleaze, royalcore, feathers, puffer jacket outfits, socks & sandals, spikes & studs, regencycore, leather trousers, cardigans, suits, and varsity jackets. 

All of these predicted trends are a part of a subcategory – a trend of TikTok couture.

TikTok couture is a way of categorizing the trends  that circulate on TikTok. That can be from thrift shopping in charity shops, sewing pieces of clothing together as one piece, or simply when everyone started wearing trucker hats or baggy hoodies and t-shirts. These countless trends combined with TikTok’s algorithm that spreads viral content to millions of people means that these trends are able to dominate what mainstream culture considers stylish or trendy.

Social media influencing clothing is not anything new to us. During the 2010s, Instagram normalised sharing people’s style and everyday outfits. Tumblr and Pinterest were effective at being the source of inspiration for someone’s personal style, while Instagram made it easier to to physically carry out the inspiration.

While both sharing similarities, the current model of TikTok is a far more accessible way to be invested in fashion, compared to Instagram of the 2010s. Even Instagram didn’t allow someone to find out where to buy every single item of someone’s outfit that they’re wearing in a post. 

TikTok provides its users with plenty of inspiration and it gives you the tools to carry it out. The “for you” section on TikTok allows users to explore other styles and trends, based on what the algorithm has determined you want to see. If the algorithm has read that you’re even slightly interested in fashion, it’ll become the most recent and resourceful platform for all things fashion.

Today’s young people, who are some of TikTok’s most passionate users are also particularly knowledgeable about historical fashion. Considering how much of the fashion industry has been documented online over the last two decades, there is access to countless primary sources to look back on.

This new level of accessibility of online fashion has allowed a much large audience to grow. This audience is experimental, critical, and confident. It makes you think about the future state of the fashion industry and what will happen when all these millions of people who consider themselves fashion experts grow older. How many will grow up to be fashion designers and how will they help shape the industry?

Trends will always come and go, it’s becoming easier for something to begin trending or to go viral and it seems to be occurring more often than ever. The trend cycle on social media, especially TikTok, has never been faster. You can argue whether its for the best or the worst of the fashion industry – but for now at least it’s interesting to watch unfold.