Hollister Joins The Mix For Teens Mental Wellness Day
Hollister Joins The Mix For Teens Mental Wellness Day

Hollister Joins The Mix For Teens Mental Wellness Day

February 5, 2021
Rachel Tooley

Hollister has recently announced they will be teaming up with UK based charity, The Mix, in support of World Teens Mental Wellbeing Day which is coming up next month.

The past year has been really difficult for all of us, with lockdowns and unusual social distancing guidelines, it can be a lonely world in the realms of Covid 19. Teens across the world have especially found it hard being away from their friends and not seeing family or attending school, college or university. Restricting learning and their ability to develop social skills can have a detrimental impact on the mental health of younger people.

Hollister was founded in 2000 by the leading brand Abercrombie & Fitch. The brand is heavily inspired by the laidback Californian lifestyle – capturing the abyss of a hot, beachside summer of luxury. Their relaxed approach to teenage clothing has shaped the fashion of many younger generations who want to perfect the mix of comfy casual yet stylish. Their first store opened in Ohio, and now the brand can be found in a huge 578 different locations, being ranked in the top five teenage clothing brands by Piper Jaffray in 2019.

Following their teenage mental health initiative last year, the Hollister Confidence Project, this year, the brand will be teaming up with teenage wellbeing charity, The Mix – a UK based non-profit charity who offer support to under 25’s. The Hollister Confidence Project worked to fund projects and organisations helping teens gain a new found confidence in themselves and the world around them. This year, the brand is set to release a collection where the profits are donated to The Mix.


The Mix cover a huge range of issues and offer a variety of free, confidential support to any young person who needs it. Their multi-channel service includes communications such as online articles and video content, specialised phone lines and email support, alongside peer-to-peer conversations and even easy access counselling services. The Mix works hard to help younger people make informed decisions in difficult or uncomfortable situations; normalising what they may find as awkward conversations, that they may not want to talk about to friends or family. Director of Brand and Development at The Mix, Zoe Bailie, said “The new partnership between The Mix and Hollister is fresh and exciting! Together we aim to bring together millions of young people to connect them to information and support on Teen Mental Wellness Day 2021 and beyond”.

This collaborative collection includes a sky-blue jumper with vibrant graphics, perfect to cosy up in these colder months, alongside a tote bag with a natural looking canvas tote bag emblazoned in matching graphics.

“This partnership couldn’t have come at a more important time, as now more than ever, young people all over the world are struggling with their mental health, especially with issues such as loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Hollister is committed to building confidence in all young people and as the UK’s leading support service for under 25s, The Mix will provide the tools and community for all young people to get and give support.” continued Bailie.

The collection launches on the day of World Teens Mental Wellbeing Day, taking place on 2nd March. 

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