Fake VS Real | How to Spot a Fake Canada Goose Chilliwack Jacket
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Fake VS Real | How to Spot a Fake Canada Goose Chilliwack Jacket

February 6, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

It’s still cold here in England and what better way to keep warm then getting yourself a Canada Goose jacket. As we know, there are so many fakes when you buy online from sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, so Hox is here to help you spot a fake Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket. If you want an authentic Canada Goose jacket then take a look at Sevenstore.  And as always, check out the range of coats and jackets on our website, from brands like Canada Goose, CP Company, Barbour and more!


First step is by checking the material on the jacket. The fake Canada Goose will use very rough and coarse material. The material on the genuine jacket is thick and heavy but the outside is still soft. The quality is very obvious by touch.  


Next you can check the cuffs on the sleeves. The fake cuffs are made from polyester, which feels like cotton, but it is low quality as the material tends to bobble. The cuffs also feel quite thin and loose. Whereas the genuine cuffs are made from cotton and are also ribbed. They are very thick and therefore, much better quality.


The fur on the hood is a tell-tale sign of whether you have a fake. If you run your fingers through a fake hood, the fur will shed and create a mess. However, the real jacket is obviously made from fur of a high standard and it is glued to the hood to ensure the fur doesn’t shed.


Always, check the label inside the jacket. Although this can be quite hard as the fake jackets do good copies of the labels, Hox shared some important tips. The genuine label will have another label which serves as a flap over the hologram, this is something the fake doesn’t have. The hologram itself will also be very dull. Both the fake and the genuine will have a quality assurance label, but the fake is printed in a dark blue, whereas the genuine quality assurance label will be a brighter blue.


The real jacket has engraved poppers, usually engraved with the branding. The fake button poppers are also engraved but with stars. This is a key indicator of a fake as cheaper manufactures in China tend to use the stars poppers.

Watch Hox’s video down below to find out some extra tips on how to spot a fake! And head over to our Canada goose page for certainty that you’re buying a genuine Canada goose item.  

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