HELIOT EMIL's Show At Paris Fashion Week Was (Literally) FIRE

HELIOT EMIL’s Show At Paris Fashion Week Was (Literally) FIRE

February 28, 2023
Dom Challis

Copenhagen-based retailer HELIOT EMIL took the term “on fire” a bit too literally on day two of Paris Fashion Week (PFW), after sending a model down the runway who was engulfed in genuine flames. 

Founded by brothers Julius and Victor Juul, the guys at HELIOT EMIL were really giving Gunna from the Young Thug “Hot” music video vibes when the model turned plenty of heads during the brand’s FW23 collection show at the French capital today.

HELIOT EMIL is recognised for exploring the gap between form and function while constantly being driven by an experimental approach and high attention to detail. The Danish label is also known for its subversive Scandinavian and monochromatic aesthetic, combined with its custom developed materials, fabrics and trimmings.

I couldn’t tell you if the HELIOT EMIL clothing the model is wearing above is meant to be 100% fireproof and if its something that will land on the brand’s website anytime soon. What I do know is flame-resistant garments are usually a lot more expensive than your average piece of apparel, due to them being vital in certain workplaces. 

You can explore a variety of HELIOT EMIL apparel and accessories right here from retailers such as Farfetch, Italist, and Selfridges

HELIOT EMIL made its fashion week debut at Milan SS17 and has since built itself a reputation for its experimental approach to fashion and always striving to add something unique to the creative industry. 

With minimalistic colours, functional notes and unconventional minor details, HELIOT EMIL‘s unisex and monochrome collections often takes inspiration from its Scandinavian roots.

HELIOT EMIL is anything but any other minimalistic brand, the experimental lengths they go to are second to none, especially when it involves a person engulfed in flames. 

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