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Gymshark Launches Their New Lifestyle Line ‘Retake’

January 25, 2022
Hollie Gwinnett

British fitness brand Gymshark is expanding its range with a selection of everyday staples. The new collection arrives as part of Gymshark’s latest in-house line ‘Retake’. Gymshark have been creating gym wear for over a decade now so this new venture will definitely be different for the brand. And to celebrate Gymshark’s shift into lifestyle wear, they invited artist Sainté to star in a music-focused campaign. Take a closer look at the campaign below with Lookbook images, to see how Sainté wore the new Retake collection behind the scenes in the studio.

Gymshark are aiming to deliver the comfort of gym wear in the form of wardrobe essentials. (Which makes sense after we have spent the past two years living in loungewear). The Retake line is creating versatile clothing that can be put together with minimal effort. To achieve this, the collections removes fussy detailing and replaces it with technical fabrication that can often be seen in sportswear. Functional elements can be found across the new collection but particularly the lightweight crew, which features side zips, hidden pockets and a water-repellent finish.

Within the collection there are outerwear items including a minimal, reversible vest that sees the Gymshark logo worked into the black quilted pattern. You can also expect to find t-shirts, hoodies and pants which all come in tonal shades of browns and greys, giving the collection a classic feel, perfect all year round.

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