Gucci Vault "Continuum" Invites Collaborators To Use Gucci's Deadstock To Design Unique Creations

Gucci Vault “Continuum” Invites Collaborators To Craft Unique Designs Using Gucci’s Deadstock

March 17, 2023
Dom Challis

“Yesterday’s materials become tomorrow’s designs” is Gucci‘s new motto for the luxury fashion house’s brand new Gucci Vault initiative.

Titled Gucci “Continuum”, the latest initiative from Gucci Vault invites a cast of designers, brands, and artists to transform some of Gucci’s deadstock fabrics and past pieces into their own unique creations. 

The Gucci Vault “Continuum” initiative has invited the following designers and brands to collaborate: Alpha Industries & Slam Jam, Vans, EGONlab., Alice Pons, Call of the Void, Collina Strada, DRX Romanelli, Hodakova, PROLETE RE ART and Rave Review.

Italian retailer Slam Jam, have teamed up with Alpha Industries for their unique Gucci Vault “Continuum” iteration. 

For those scratching their heads, Alpha Industries was founded in 1959 in Knoxville, Tennessee as a clothing manufacturer. They specialise in American military style and fashion apparel and have produced pieces such as flight jackets and vests.

Shown below and inspired by the year 1979, Slam Jam & Alpha Industries Gucci Vault “Continuum”  iteration features a men’s bomber jacket, crafted from recycled Gucci materials and a military-inspired shiny blue jacket with oversized black trousers boasting brown Gucci details.

For Vans, the skatewear specialists have curated a collection inspired by the labels Old Skool, Slip-On, and OG Mule silhouettes.

Priced between £220 – £285, the Vans collection uses a range of contemporary archive materials, collected from Alessandro Michele’s collections for Gucci.

The pair that standout the most to me has to be the OG Old Skool kicks, decorated with metal-studded black leather on the toe and heel, plus a floral canvas for the mid-panels and another floral design on the medial side.

One of the next Gucci Vault “Continuum” collabs comes from EGONlab. – a French brand that merges fashion with music, motion design and mixed media art to offer a fully immersive brand experience.

EGONlab.’s Gucci Vault “Continuum” capsule is lead by the one-of-a-kind dirty-wash brown denim trucker jacket. It’s been covered in fine Gucci jewelry that’s contributed to its luxurious price of £15,222.

The rest of this capsule consists of the one-of-a-kind painted leather jacket that features an all-over floral motif. Finishing off this capsule is a reworked vintage jacket and matching trousers, a pair of bowling shirts with optical illusion print designs and two sets of embellished jeans reminiscent of the denim jacket leading the capsule.

I’ve never seen a luxury label like Gucci offer such a unique take on sustainability, collaboration and circulatory. Its new Gucci Vault “Continuum” initiative may just be setting a path for a circular future for Gucci.

While the Alpha Industries & Slam Jam, Vans, and EGONlab. capsules stood out the most to me, you can explore the wider Gucci Vault “Continuum” collection exclusively via Gucci Vault, where you can find all the items available for purchase. 

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