Gucci Announces a New Roblox Gaming Space With Jack Grealish

Gucci Announces a New Roblox Gaming Space With Jack Grealish

January 26, 2023
Dom Challis

Gucci’s latest ambassador Jack Grealish, is officially making his way to Gucci Town on Roblox for a brand new in-game football experience.

The stores in Gucci Town are always fully-stocked, open 24/7, well-lit and near enough perfect because it exists on Roblox – the ever-growing online creation platform.

Jack Grealish signed a major sponsorship deal with Gucci in April 2022 and while any sort of collaborative body of work between the two has been non-existent since they linked up, Jack Grealish is now officially making his way to Gucci Town.

Grealish will have his own Roblox avatar which will include a hairband and other features. The new in-game football experience will include taking on a penalty shootout with the Premier League record signing. 

While fashion’s relationship with the metaverse has often been a little slow or confusing for many, Gucci’s gradual work with Roblox has been gathering more and more users.

According to statistics from Gucci, more than 8 million players visited the first temporary experience by Gucci on Roblox – the Gucci Garden. While over 39 million users went to visit the Gucci Town when it opened.

On average, Roblox has 202 million monthly users and it’s expected that Gucci Town and other Gucci x Roblox virtual initiatives will gradually attract more Roblox users.

Gucci Town is the virtual space where users can purchase digital Gucci collections to be worn by their Roblox avatars. This probably seems odd to the older generations, but these type of virtual realities are mostly aimed at the newer generations. 

If you add a world-class footballer into the virtual Gucci mix, the platforms is surely only going to grow greater.

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