Future & Sony Music's 'High Off Life' Trademark Lawsuit Is Finally Settled

Future & Sony Music’s ‘High Off Life’ Trademark Lawsuit Is Finally Settled

January 9, 2023
Dom Challis

Future plus his production company, Freebandz Productions and its parent company Sony Music, have finally settled their trademark lawsuit which was filed by the Atlanta clothing company – High Off Life LLC.

The lawsuit was filed in October 2020 and is centered around the Atlanta, Georgia rappers eighth studio album High Off Life – released In May 2020.

Reported by Billboard, HOL alleges that “overnight, defendants destroyed High Off Life’s (HOL) investment of many years and many thousands of dollars into building consumer recognition.”

Established in 2009, HOL is owned by independent music artist Z. Rich, who alleges that he’s been using the name for over a decade to sell branded merchandise, such as printed hoodies, jumpers and T-shirts.

Sony attempted to have the lawsuit dismissed In early 2022, but despite their efforts, a U.S. judge ruled that both sides had to be able to present their argument before he determined the suit proceedings. 

Taken from the judges court documents: “Given further development of a factual record is necessary before conducting an in-depth analysis of Defendant’s First Amendment defense, the Court declines to further consider Defendants’ First Amendment arguments at this stage of the proceedings.” 

As the lawsuit comes to an end, the case was ultimately filed to be dismissed on Tuesday 27 December, after Freebandz Productions/Sony Music and HOL reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum. 

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