First Look At The Mercedes-Benz & Moncler Co-Creative G-Class

First Look At The Mercedes-Benz & Moncler Co-Creative G-Class

February 21, 2023
Dom Challis

The worlds of motor engines and puffers come together for the new Moncler x Mercedes-Benz collaborative G-Wagon.

The collaboration comes shortly after Moncler’s “The Art of Genius” show during London Fashion Week, where Moncler named a list of individuals and companies that the luxury fashion house will be working closely with, specifically as co-creators and not collaborators. 

Under Its Genius label, Moncler Genius uses collaborations and linkup work as a driving force to success. While on the other hand, Mercedes-Benz aren’t exactly frequent fashion collaborators, although the automobile label did work with Virgil Abloh on Project Maybach and other occasional collaborations. 

Dubbed as “Project Mondo G” – take a closer look at the puffer-infused G-wagon below…

The reimagined G-Class vehicle features high-gloss reflective surfaces that are formed in the shape of Moncler‘s puffer jackets and can be seen on the roof, wheels, and sides.

A vast zipper detail with Moncler‘s classic branding can also be seen on the rear of the vehicle that weights a total of 2.5 tons and took over a year to be created.

Britta Seeger, a member of Mercedes-Benz’s board of management explained: “It’s not something you would imagine from the automotive industry, so we wanted to take things to a different level. It’s much deeper than a sponsorship engagement.”

Merging two different worlds such as fashion and the automobile industry has the potential to greatly benefit both brands as it opens them up to a new set of audiences beyond their usual realms. 

Take a closer look at what other co-creators Moncler announced they’d be working with following their “Art of GeniusMoncler show. 

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