Fashion Continues to Influence Football as FC Barcelona Find New 'Formalwear' Partners

Fashion Continues to Influence Football as FC Barcelona Find New ‘Formalwear’ Partners

November 28, 2022
Dom Challis

While many professional players in todays game are always looking for that sponsorship deal with some of the industries leading fashion labels, Herno have agreed a partnership with FC Barcelona to provide fits for the entire team for the next three seasons.

Being one of football’s most successful teams ever aside, FC Barcelona have always been a stylish side consisting of players who take pride in their dress sense (after all, Hector Bellerin does play for the Spanish giants).

Enter Herno. A highly-respected Italian based luxury clothing brand, founded almost a century ago (1948) and one that’s still family-run. Thanks to the harsh winter climate of Northern Italy, Herno prioritises functionality over aesthetics and are known for durable outerwear with a tailored edge.

Hero have just signed a deal with FC Barcelona, making them the clubs official ‘formalwear’ partner for the next three seasons. This includes both the men’s and women’s team.

The crisp white shirts under structured anoraks, roll-necks, and tailoring that looks good beneath baseball caps and other casualwear – this is a signature Herno look that can be seen in the above image, taken from Herno.

FC Barcelona have been looking for the right team partnership deal since the club partnered with Thom Browne for the 2018-2019 season.

Other partnerships include Paris Saint-Germain, who enlisted Dior to design the clubs official wardrobe for another formalwear collection and the Italian national team who enlisted the slightly predictable, Giorgio Armani.

Football/fashion crossovers comes in all types of styles, from formalwear, casualwear, the more popular streetwear and even collections of accessories – such as Kylian Mbappé’s collaboration with Oakley eyewear. 

With Herno now well established on the pitch, I’d say the bond between football and fashion is in a very content place.

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