Fake Vs Real: Nike Vapormax Flyknit - Hoxton's Tips to Spot a Fake
Fake Vs Real Nike Vapormax Flyknit – Hoxton’s Tips to Spot a Fake

Fake Vs Real: Nike Vapormax Flyknit – Hoxton’s Tips to Spot a Fake

December 24, 2020
Hollie Gwinnett

The Nike Vapormax trainer has been around for years, yet it continues to be one of the most popular trainers! Initially designed for running you can be assured that the Vapormax puts comfort first whilst still being a cool shoe to pair with any street outfit.

It has been recognised as a popular shoe by many companies, with some trying to replicate the infamous shoe. Hoxton gives us a few tips to make sure you don’t buy a fake. If you want authentic Nike trainers then its best to buy direct from Nike or another trusted retailer such as JD Sports or Footasylum.


First up you can check the box that the trainers come in. The official Nike box will be slightly larger and smooth. The fake box tends to have ridges in it and it’s not as sturdy. Look out for a black Nike label on the bottom of the box, this is a tell-tale sign on whether you have the real thing, or not.


Official Nike trainers will have small Nike ticks on the heel of the shoe, underneath the air bubble whereas the fake trainers do not have this. The fake trainers have prominent crosses on the sole of the shoe, yet they are quite faint and barely noticeable on the real trainer.


An easy way to spot a fake is by checking the laces of the trainers. The genuine trainer will have VAPORMAX embossed into the aglet of the lace, whereas the fake trainer will have nothing printed onto the laces. Take a look at the quality of the laces too. The real trainers will have smooth laces compared to the cross-stitch pattern on the fake trainers’ laces.


For this tip you need to remove the insoles from the shoe. If it is lightweight and floppy it’s a fake! The real Nike Vapormax trainer has a much thicker and sturdier insole. And to be extra certain, take a look underneath the insole it should be white to ensure it’s the real thing.


Granted, this one is much more difficult to tell unless you have a genuine trainer for comparison. But the holes on the fly knit are slightly bigger on the real trainer. Also, the flywire will stick out more on the genuine Vapormax compared to the fake where the flywire doesn’t stand or stick out.

If you’re after a pair of Nike Vapormax trainers then its best to play it safe and buy from Nike or another trusted retailer. Head over to our retailers page to see who we recommend!

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