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Fake VS Real How To Spot A Fake Pair Of Nike Air Max 97 Trainers

August 31, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

The Nike Air Max 97’s have been around since the late 90’s, yet they continue to be one of Nike’s most popular trainers! The Air Max 97’s have always been considered as futuristic looking. It has been recognised as a popular shoe by many companies, with some trying to replicate the infamous shoe, Hox has given us some tips to help you out so that you don’t buy a fake. For more trainers make sure to check them out here.

Stitching on heel loop

The stitching that keeps the loop on the trainer is all going one way, it is also very neat around the loop. The words ‘AIR MAX’ are engraved into the loop, so all in all the heel loop on the genuine 97’s is very detailed. On the fake the stitching will be quite sloppy, and the engraving of ‘AIR MAX’ is very faint.

Air bubble

The air bubble on the genuine 97’s will be very thick and round, it bulges out the side of the trainer. However, the air bubble on a pair of fakes will be quite flimsy. Although the fakes might ‘look good’ there is NO air max system in the shoe. The whole purpose of these trainers is to have some extra support and cushioning, so without the air max system the air bubble will eventually deflate. 

The laces

The laces on the fake trainer are slim and the quality is not very good. Whereas the laces on the genuine trainer are a lot thicker and they are finished off well (the quality is much better).

Mesh fabric

The mesh fabric on the trainers is a good indicator of whether you have a fake or not. Hox says the holes in the fabric on a fake are very big, they are much smaller and more compact on the genuine 97’s. The beauty of the mesh fabric is how it moulds to your feet, but on the fakes the fabric will be quite thick and therefore wont mould well and won’t be as comfortable.


Looking at the genuine trainers there is a curvature on the tongue which rests nicely on top of your foot. (It also gives you extra support!) Whereas there is no curvature on the fake trainers, so you won’t get that support.

If you’re after a pair of Nike Air Max 97 trainers, then its best to play it safe and buy from Nike or another trusted retailer. So take a look below to see what you can get!

Nike Air Max 97 Black £164.95

Nike Air Max 97 White £144.95

Nike Air Max 97 SE £169.95

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