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Fake VS Real How To Spot A Fake Gucci T Shirt

October 12, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

Today we are back with a fake vs real video. The Gucci logo t-shirt is a staple for anyone’s wardrobe as it can be dressed up for an occasion or dressed down with a more casual outfit. However, there are many fakes online, so Hox is here to tell you how to spot a fake. For more designer t-shirts, make sure to check them out here. And if you want an authentic Gucci tee then take a look at Harrods, Selfridges and Farfetch


The first thing that you should check is the t-shirts label. On a genuine Gucci tee there is red stitching across the top of the label going horizontal. Yet on the fake t-shirt the red stitching is going in a diagonal direction.

You will also notice a pattern on the label. On the real t-shirt the small lines should go in one direction, but on the fake, they go in a criss/cross pattern.And finally, with the main label there will also be an origin country tag that says, ‘made in Italy.’ Make sure to look out for this! Top tip – it should be white.


This will be quite difficult if you don’t have a real and a fake in front of you so make sure to watch the video… but Hox points out that the real logo motif is slightly smaller than the fake logo.


Inside the tees you will find garment tags that show the washing instructions etc. On a genuine t-shirt you will find multiple labels that are long and thin. Whereas on a fake there will only be one thick tag. Also, keep an eye out for the size label, on a real tee you will find it separate to the garment tag. 

If you’re after a Gucci logo tee, then its best to play it safe and buy direct from the Gucci store or you can get one from one of our trusted retailers. So take a look below and 3 of our favourite Gucci t-shirts…

For a more in-depth look check out Hox’s video below and also subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can find loads of videos like this and so much more! Plus don’t forget to check out a list of trusted retailers that we recommend. 

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