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Fake VS Real How To Spot A Fake DSquared2 Trucker Hat

August 27, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

Today we are back with a fake vs real video. Here at The Hoxton Trend, we love DSquared2, it is one of our favourite brands for jeans, logo tees and accessories. A staple piece from DSquared2 is their trucker hats, they are perfect for any outfit and can be worn all year round. However, there are many fakes online, so Hox is here to tell you how to spot a fake. For more hats, make sure to check them out here.


The main sign to look out for is the general quality of the hat. If you have a real one to compare it to, the fabric will feel different. Also watch out for the general craftmanship of the hat. On a genuine DSquared2 hat the stitching will be done very professionally and neat whereas the stitching on the fake will be quite messy. And the way the badge lies on the front of the genuine hat is flat and the peak comes up nicely at the top. But on the fake the badge is not sewn down properly, and it looks wonky. Hox points out the stitching is very clean on the genuine hat. 


Looking at the labels is a good way to tell if you have a fake or not. When you flip the hat round to look at the labels inside, the DSquared2 logo should be facing upwards. If it is upside down then you immediately know you have a fake. Unfortunately, these hats don’t have holograms on the labels meaning it is much more difficult to tell if you have a fake. The labels on a genuine hat will be neat and well presented.  


The fakes are getting better and this is largely down to the fabrics they use to make the garment or accessory. Hox said he found the fabric on the fake to be very soft and feel nice… However, he states that it is still very flimsy, something that a £100 hat should not be. 


And finally, these hats have small holes around the top to release the heat from your head when it gets too hot. Hox noticed that on the genuine hat the holes are round the side of the hat. However, on the fake the holes were right at the front, just above the badge. This might be different on other styles of DSquared hats so keep that in mind. And don’t forget that if you want to be sure that you are buying a genuine DSquared2 item, then its best to buy direct from a legit retailer. Take a look below to see a real DSquared2 hat. 

DSquared2 Men’s Flag Logo Cap

Was £125 Now £100

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