Everything You Need To Know About How To Check A Palm Angels Certilogo

Everything You Need To Know About How To Check A Palm Angels Certilogo

Hollie Gwinnett

Counterfeit items are on the rise again, and with Christmas coming up its important to know you are not gifting a fake luxury item. Palm Angles is one of the most faked brands, so they started using the certilogo from 2020. (So, if you have Palm Angels pieces from before then that don’t have a certilogo, it doesn’t mean it’s a fake!)

The fakes are getting better and it’s getting harder to spot, but they are still lacking in quality. The bad news is that counterfeiters are starting to fake the certilogo. It’s important to know that it is not possible for someone to copy a Certilogo as they use AI technology within the authentication process. This being said, never show or give your genuine Certilogo code to someone as it can create a lot of problems on the certilogo system. It’s best to keep the code to yourself to prevent any anomalies cropping up on the system. 

To check whether your product is genuine you need to head over to the website. To do this you can either scan the QR code on the label with your smartphone, or you can search up the website certilogo.com. Then click ‘check authenticity’ where you will be prompted to input a number. The number is on the back of the certilogo label. The website will then ask you to take a picture of the certilogo tag. It will then tell you whether you have an authentic or fake garment.

Make sure to watch the video below for more tips on how to spot a fake Palm Angels item. And also take a look at some of our favourite Palm Angels pieces that are guaranteed authentic.    

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