Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming Brand, Axel Arigato

Everything You Need To Know About Up And Coming Brand, Axel Arigato

By Rachel Tooley | January 9, 2020

Since 2014, the up and coming Japanese inspired brand Axel Arigato, have been working on their promise in producing high end footwear at an affordable price, creating inclusivity within both menswear and womenswear markets, focusing on more than just a price tag.

The brand was founded in Sweden by Max Svardh and Albin Johansson, who found a gap in the market for the ‘affordable luxury shoe’. Their disruptive agenda challenges the structure of the fashion industry, questioning why and how fashion is made within the modern day. Originally with an online focus, the contemporary brand have expanded into their own stores, located in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen and their flagship store in London, which opened in 2016.

Axel Arigato’s main objective is to embrace the present, whilst looking towards the future, in everything they do. Their designs reference a huge part of cross-cultural elements, including music, art and architecture. Priding themselves in modern design aesthetics, the brand’s constantly working to individualise their styles, releasing new pieces on a regular basis. Collections are mainly made up of footwear and accessories, whilst the brand is slowly expanding into clothing including loungewear/sweats and outerwear. Best known for silhouettes including the ‘Clean 90 Sneaker’, ‘Platform Sneaker’ and the ‘Cap-Toe Sneaker’, reimagining classic, minimal looks into a luxury aesthetic.

Over the past couple of years, the brand have involved themselves in collaborations with leading brand such as Samsung and CAT – a huge milestone for a brand of just 6 years. Still expanding their creative horizons and pushing the boundaries of fashion innovation within the 21st century, this brand has a huge potential to become a leader in the ‘affordable luxury’ market. With the success of their initial footwear collection, it’s unquestionable that the development of their own clothing range will achieve just as much recognition. This Gothenburg based label is certainly one to watch.

We’ve put together three different outfits from the current Axel Arigato collection, for some extra inspiration to style your wardrobe this season. Check them out below. 

Axel Arigato Single Tori Bird Hoodie – £150 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Single Tori Bird Shorts – £100 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Genesis Vintage Runner – £170 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Single Bee Bird T-shirt – £65 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Single Tori Bird Sweatpants – £130 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Clean 90 Sneaker – £170 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Monogram Tori Bird Sweat – £115 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Single Tori Bird Sweat Shorts – £100 at EQVVS

Axel Arigato Genesis Vintage Runner – £170 at EQVVS