Dive Into The Deep End With Drake's NOCTA x Nike Swim Fin

Dive Into The Deep End With Drake’s NOCTA x Nike Swim Fin

January 31, 2023
Dom Challis

It may be January but that hasn’t stopped Drake from setting his sight on the tropical summer period. Known for his luxury excursions around the world, the Toronto-born rapper has partnered up with Nike once again through his NOCTA line to launch a new pair of Swim Fin shoes.

Nike’s Swim Fin, a water shoe reminiscent of the flipper a diver might wear snorkeling, has now been given the Champagne Pappy rework.

Nike first introduced the style in 2019 as a training aid for both competitive and casual swimmers. Now, the fins’ multicoloured paneling has been swapped out for an all-black upper – introducing a more contemporary look by Drake.

The NOCTA x Nike Swim Fin’s feature a shorter “fin” then traditional swimming flippers, helping maximise efficiency and speed in the water. 

The new swimwear also features the classic NOCTA x Nike branding on its tongue and blue details at the heel’s pull tab with a “A.W.R.” and “C.L.” text.

As of now, we’ve only got the above images to satisfy our needs as a release date and price point are still yet to be released.

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