Customise Your Own The Puffer Jacket With The North Face 141 Customs

Customise Your Own The Puffer Jacket With The North Face 141 Customs

October 20, 2021
Rachel Tooley

The North Face Japan are hugely ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and evolution of the TNF outdoor brand.

The North Face has become hugely popular over its life-time, especially over the past few years with thanks to both outdoor and streetwear culture movements. It is constantly creating new designs and ideas to connect to consumers and enhance their very own The North Face consumer experience. Originally launched last year, in 2020, The North Face Japan, owned by Goldwin, have been offering customisation services to some of their most popular pieces.

The customisation service, named The North Face 141, allows buyers to DIY some of the classic TNF silhouettes, including the Nupste puffer jacket and the Denali fleece. As an exciting opportunity to create a one of a kind garment, this freedom of design allows customers to create something exactly to their liking. The process of The North Face 141 can be tested through a digital preview simulator, so you can test out your ideas before committing to them.

However, unfortunately, the only downside is that this customisation services if very limited, and currently, is only available at two The North Face stores, located in Japan. The in-store experience can be enhanced by the help of the staff, if required, who can suggest the most fitting fabrics to meet a person’s particular needs. Once the design is chosen, the garment is constructed by hand in the Goldwin Tech Lab. Overall, the entire process takes roughly a month, or possibly longer if more fittings are required.

It’s unsurprising that such facilities are first to land in Japan, as the country is well known for such advancements and innovation in both the tech and fashion industries.

It’s encouraging to see a more mainstream brand introduce such a futuristic service, hopefully indicating that slowly this customisation service could spread throughout stores worldwide.

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