Crep Protect Co-Founder & Grime Artist J2K Launches 'HYPHNT' Trainers Company

Crep Protect Co-Founder & Grime Artist J2K Launches ‘HYPHNT’ Trainers Company

December 21, 2022
Dom Challis

One of the original co-founders of Crep Protect and former British grime crew ‘Roll Deep’ member – J2K has recently launched his own footwear company and I think It’s safe to expect these to be some of the cleanest kicks currently in the market.

J2K – aka Jason Black has officially launched his own footwear line called HYPHNT (short for Hyphenate) which was “born to reflect the modern sneaker wearer, from the block to the boardroom.”

Jason Black further explains that: “Creating a brand that tailors to multi-hyphenated individuals in the same way that a sports brand would to athletes has always been a dream of mine. I imagine the city providing the arena for performance, as opposed to stadiums, gyms and running tracks.”

HYPHNT has launched two different silhouettes in their 001 drop – the City Walker and the Road Runner, each are available in a total of four colourways and priced at £180.

With “footwear to move with us from a casual to formal setting with no effort” a priority at HYPHNT, the City Walker provides this type of aesthetic perfectly. The City Walker is offered in the colourways of Cappuccino, Dark Ice Grey, Mr Black and Tan.

Birthed in London, constructed in Portugal and sourced in Italy – the next silhouette design at HYPHNT is the retro looking Road Runner. This trainer is also offered in the same four colourways as the City Walker.

Jason Black explains exactly how he wants his products to make people feel: “We believe our choice of footwear should elevate our look and step through every building, pavement and stage seamlessly.”

Jason Black, when he was known as J2K, was a former member of the grime group ‘Roll Deep,’ which was founded in 2001 by Wiley before the group decided to call it quits in 2013.

This all happened just before Jason helped co-found Crep Protect Ltd in 2012 and now the former grime artist has branched out even further in the footwear industry with his own trainers company.

If you want to take a closer look, every colourway of the City Walker and Road Runner is currently available from the HYPHNT website for £180.

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