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CP Company Celebrates Its 50 Year Anniversary

February 21, 2021
Rachel Tooley

This year, CP Company will be celebrating their 50th anniversary. After five decades of revolutionising the menswear industry, the brand is still making their mark in fashion today; continuously exploring innovative ways to design and produce some of the highest quality pieces you can get your hands on. Now, competing with the likes of some of our most favoured brands in the luxury sportswear market, we can’t wait to see what the next 50 years will entail for these guys. 

Founded in 1971, the brand was originally named Chester Perry. However, founder Massimo Osti changed the name in 1978 to CP Company, which is where the real fun began. In the beginning, the brand was well known for its innovative screen-printed t-shirts. Over time, it’s evolved into becoming one of the most versatile men’s sportswear brands in the industry – with Osti himself being known as the “godfather of urban sportswear”.  

Over the last 50 years, the brand has created its very own, distinct interpretation of technical sportswear, which has weaved its own way into contemporary menswear trends. CP Company has developed a unique hybrid between functionality, taking inspiration from military styles, workwear and classic sportswear – three design pillars which radiate through every single design you see in the CP Company collections. Popular CP Company products include men’s sweatshirts, men’s hoodies, men’s sweatpants, overshirts, a huge selection of men’s coats and jackets, plus an array of accessories.  

CP Company are ahead of the game when it comes to textile technology. In what way, you ask? Well, kinda‘ like the Albert Einstein of fabric, but more style and less moustache. These guys really do their research. Take the classic Goggle jacket. This piece was inspired by military gas masks and protective military hoods, however, it was adapted by the brand by moving the goggles up into the hood, to create a more everyday looking piece. The brand is also renowned for their garment dyeing technology. An innovative dyeing technique which incorporates the dyeing of the whole garment, instead of using pre-dyed fabric to manufacture each piece. This method allows each piece to have its own little personality, if you like. Each garment comes out with a much richer, enhanced colour which is less achievable using conventional methods. 

The brand has kicked off their 50th Anniversary celebrations with the launch of their most recent collection for SS21 – ‘Natural Mutations’. The collection consists of some really great pieces to spruce up your style for the warmer months, you can take a look by clicking here. 

Check out a number of handpicked casual outfits from CP Company, handpicked by The Hoxton Trend team from some of our favourite retailers, and of course CP itself, to give you a little extra inspiration to update your wardrobe: 

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