Corteiz Cause Chaos In Paris With Their Nike Air Max 95 "Aegon Storm" Launch

Corteiz Cause Chaos In Paris With Their Nike Air Max 95 “Aegon Storm” Launch

April 13, 2023
Dom Challis

Following the recent releases of the Corteiz x Nike Air Max 95 “Gutta Green” and “Pink Beam,” both of which were initially launched exclusively in the cities of London and New York, brand owner Clint 419 has completed the trilogy by launching the “Aegon StormAir Max 95 exclusively to Paris.   

Clint 419 continues to claim that Corteiz runs the world by gathering huge crowds that have their mind set on one thing – securing a piece of the promoted Corteiz pieces that’s arrived in limited quantities. 

The Corteiz crew took to the streets of Paris with their own co-branded Nike x Corteiz bus that donned the coordinates of the location at which the “Aegon StormAir Max 95 trainers would be available. 

Creating similar scenes to what happened recently in London and New York City for the “Gutta Green” and “Pink Beam” iterations, Clint 419 took to the French capital for the final instalment of the label’s collaborative ‘sneaker hunt’ series and it looked like nothing less than pure madness.

Footwear and streetwear fans gathered to the streets of Paris to get a look at the co-branded bus, which was the only way of learning where the new “Aegon Storm” collaborative trainers where being sold.

Limited to one pair per customer and with limited quantities available, what happened next looked like scenes that could of been taken from a zombie apocalypse movie.

The ‘sneaker hunt’ for the “Aegon Storm” trainers kicked off yesterday in Paris and led to hundreds, if not thousands of people flooding the streets in a frenzy.

With the latest silhouette taking the Nike x Corteiz Air Max 95 collaboration full circle, with a trilogy of Air Max 95 trainers launched, it’s left us wondering what’s next for the streetwear label that have always claimed they run the world. 

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