CDG PLAY X Converse release their newest design of the Chuck 70

CDG PLAY X Converse release their newest design of the Chuck 70

By Hollie Gwinnett | April 28, 2020

The newest design of the CDG Play X Converse is set to release April 29th. First, they are debuting on Dover Street Market. And then the shoes will be available to purchase from other retailers on May 15th. The price is yet to be confirmed but if we go off other versions of the popular shoe, we can guess around £130. There will be four variations of the Converse up for sale, but we imagine the first drop will sell out quick.

Back in 2009 Comme Des Garçons Play joined forces with Converse to update the classic Chuck Taylor. What they created was a super minimalistic sneaker in an attempt to focus all attention on the CDG red heart. They then re-imagined the collab in 2015 by evolving the All-Star Chuck 70, which was potentially the most impactful Comme Des Garçons collaboration of all time. And so, by 2015 they decided to reintroduce the contrast stich, and also to add an enlarged version of the unmistakable CDG heart logo, which was designed by Rei Kawakubo. They now re-release the Chuck 70 collaboration every season to meet the high demand and current fashion trends. They will typically release one design in 2 colourways and in both high top and low top models. They have integrated into the streetwear market and become a staple item. This is such an iconic collaboration and you definitely need a pair in your wardrobe.

Just last month CDG and Converse released the completely new ‘Neon’s pack’ with neon green, blue and pink colourways. These vibrant colours were perfect for spring and to encourage you to spruce up your summer outfits with a heavy dose of colour. However, people will be happy to know that this time CDG Play X Converse have returned with classic colourways. Whilst the neon’s were a refreshing take on the iconic shoe, nothing will beat a black or white sneaker which goes with every outfit.

This time the Converse are graphic heavy. This is the first time that the signature heart has been presented as an outline as opposed to solid red. And the hearts appear freely across the shoe where we are so used to seeing the heart placed in the same area on the other collaborations. The shoes come in both black and sail colourways and the outlined hearts contrast the canvas colour. Only one heart is filled in with the iconic red colour, which really ties it all together. Finishing touches include the contrast stitch, rubber toecap and branded heel detailing. They are available in both high and low top iterations so great for everyone’s style.

Comme Des Garcons and Converse are continuing their longstanding collaboration and we think they have done a perfect job, yet again. Make sure you get your pair on Wednesday and if you miss out, remember they go on sale again on May 15th.


Researcher: Milo Gall, @ Milog_Gall