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What Went Down At Adidas ‘Decade’ Spezial Event in Darwen

By Katie | June 7, 2024

A few weeks back, THT headed down to Darwen, a sleepy market town in Lancashire. Darwen was historically known for its cotton industry, particularly around the 19th century. Before that, it had thriving coal mining, quarrying, and wool weaving industries. Fast forward to the 21st century, and Darwen has become more synonymous with being the

We Visited The Stone Island Prototype 8 Series Event In Milan

By The Hoxton Trend | May 29, 2024

Back in April, we visited Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, during Milan Design Week, arguably the largest and most prestigious furniture and design fair in the world. Nestled within the back streets of Milan in the Via Savona district—considered one of Milan’s trendiest areas with new boutique hotels, numerous bars and restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife—the

Vintage Clothing Fair Takes Centre Stage At Hackney’s MildMay Club

By The Hoxton Trend | May 29, 2024

A few months ago, we visited the Mildmay Club located in Hackney’s Newington Green Manor, in the north of London. Originally known as the Mildmay Radical Club, it first opened its doors in 1888 at 36 Newington Green Road. It was not universally popular, as evidenced by the views of the vicar of the nearby

9 Trainers to cop this summer for under £100 from ASOS

By Hoxton Trend | May 10, 2024

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to refresh your footwear game. If you’re a sneakerhead on a budget, you’re in luck—ASOS has a fantastic selection of trainers that combine style and affordability. In this blog, we’ve handpicked 9 must-have trainers for under £100 that are sure to elevate your summer look.  Whether

Fans Delight As Adidas Drops Pre-Spring 24 Spezial Collection

By Chris | April 10, 2024

Launched in 2014, 2024 marks a significant milestone as Spezial celebrates its 10th anniversary. Commemorating this landmark occasion, Gary Aspden and the iconic three stripes navigate through the label’s rich history, its vibrant present, and its promising future. Their latest collection narrates the enduring tale of adidas’ design DNA, reimagined for contemporary sensibilities. Shop Collection

SS24 Adidas Spezial Collection Released At Carnaby Flagship Store

By Hox | April 9, 2024

Recently, one of our trusted friends, P, a serial Adidas & Stone Island collector and enthusiast, and owner of the fashion culture YouTube channel WeAreNotTheSame, headed over to the launch of the Adidas Spezial SS24 collection on Carnaby Street. Now, it’s no secret that the Adidas Spezial line is for the heads, and each successive

It’s Confirmed: Stone Island Prototype Series 8 Releases At Milano Design Week

By Lucy | April 9, 2024

Back in 2019 The Hoxton Trend covered the Stone Island Prototype Series 4 release at Milano Design Week, located at Stone Island’s very own exhibition space located at Stone Island Showroom, Via Savona 54, Milan. The Stone Island Prototype Series 4 utilised a distinctive method called “MANUAL FLOCKING ON NYLON METAL GRID-OVD,” the styles are grounded in

A Brief History of Maharishi: UK’s Pioneering Cult Military & Utilitarian Retro Brand

By Chris | April 8, 2024

During the early days of Hoxton’s retail career at Selfridges, one of the brand concessions he closely collaborated with and grew fond of was Maharishi. Even in the early 2000s, Maharishi commanded a high price point, exuded immediate status, and fostered a cool underground cult following. These qualities propelled the brand to become one of

Behind the Scenes: Meet JoJo “Rag Parade’ One Of The UK’s Top Vintage Clothing Experts

By Lucy | April 1, 2024

In our recent visit to Sheffield in the North Of England, The Hoxton Trend visited a local expert in premium and luxury clothing, JoJo the founder of Rag Parade Trade. JoJo is considered as one of the top specialists on brands like Stone Island, C.P Company, Boneville, Left Hand and in particular military clothing some

We Caught Up With Mats Island One Of The UK’s Largest Stone Island Resellers

By Chris | April 1, 2024

Last week, The Hoxton Trend ventured to Bristol, a city renowned for its rich history and nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of southwest England, between Somerset and Gloucestershire, along the winding banks of the River Avon. Bristol’s charm resides in its diverse array of attractions, catering to enthusiasts of art, music, and cultural heritage.

Arne Drops 2nd Pop-Up Store In London’s Exclusive Regent Street District

By Chris | March 23, 2024

The ARNE pop-up shop kicked off this morning at 10 am, located outside the Quadrant Arcade at 88-89 Regent Street. This marks the brand’s second pop-up store in London, representing the burgeoning presence of this North England-based label established since 2018. Throughout the pandemic, ARNE garnered a loyal fan base owing to its sensible pricing

Ted Baker: The Rise & Fall Of An Iconic UK Brand

By Richard | March 22, 2024

As Ted Baker faces administration, many are left questioning the fate of this iconic UK brand and pondering the broader implications for the UK high street. The troubles of Ted Baker, a stalwart of British fashion, reflect the challenges faced by traditional retailers in an increasingly competitive landscape. Factors such as changing consumer preferences, the

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