C.P. Company Launches Its Performance-Driven Metropolis Series for SS23

C.P. Company Launches Its Performance-Driven Metropolis Series for SS23

January 30, 2023
Dom Challis

C.P. Company‘s new “Metropolis” series welcomes technically-focused, breathable and lightweight luxury pieces with GORE-TEX fabrication for a brand new state of the art Spring/Summer 2023 collection.

Available now from the C.P. Company website,  the Metropolis series is the Italian label’s historical “Urban Protection” range and the new SS23 series takes inspiration from the exploration of the classic Metropolis jacket – a staple that’s been a part of C.P. Company’s Urban Protection range since 1999.

The inspirational classic Metropolis jacket was crafted with a technically-focused pair of hands as the majority of new styles arrive with plenty of hidden pockets and heavy-duty zippers.

The collection also focuses on the use of performance-driven fabrications alongside industrial manufacturing techniques, a technique that C.P. Company adopted for their approach to inner-city agility in the early 2000s. 

With strong fabrications at the heart of it, the new Metropolis series features a variety of raincoats, jackets, and tops that conceal hidden buttons and seams.

The new Metropolis series also introduces the famous GORE-TEX fabrication to partner alongside breathable, lightweight, and water-resistant fabrics such as Infinium.

Take a closer look at the new Metropolis collection in the gallery above and head over to the C.P. Company website where the entire collection is currently available.

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