C.P. Company Boasts Its Experimental Skills With The New KAN-D Collection

C.P. Company Boasts Its Experimental Skills With The New KAN-D Collection

March 10, 2023
Dom Challis

C.P. Company are demonstrating the level of research and experimental work that goes into their design process and the result appears to be a new collection called “KAN-D” that’s made from a very reflective and shiny fabric that looks just like those old sweet wrappers.

The new “KAN-D” collection is based on a flattened monofilament nylon yarn, called “K(c)lear Achronic Nylon (garment) Dyed.”

The unique ironing of the yarn makes the fabric both reflective and transparent and so the name “KAN-D” was purposely chosen because of the resemblance it shares with old candy wrappers from back in the day.

The production process of the new collection is considered challenging and complicated as every seam and finish is made invisible. 

The jackets from the new SS23 KAN-D collection arrives in not only bright contrasting lining, but also with detachable hoods, a water-resistant nylon base, front flap pockets, and C.P. Company‘s classic lens details. 

Accompanying the new jackets is the KAN-D technical crossbody bag that’s been constructed with zipped compartments and an adjustable strap.

When describing the new KAN-D collection, the design team at C.P. Company explains: “At C.P. Company we believe that the way a garment is made is an intrinsic part of its beauty. The KAN-D pieces are the perfect example.”

You can find the brand new C.P. Company KAN-D series from the labels website right now.

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