Brain Dead x Rapha Mixes Expert Cycling Wear With Playful Graphic Designs

Brain Dead x Rapha Mixes Expert Cycling Wear With Playful Graphic Designs

February 7, 2023
Dom Challis

The bright designers behind Brain Dead have mixed their graphic-led approach to fashion with the cycling lifestyle label Rapha for a collection that will have not just the cyclists among us feeling fresh, but anyone one decides to don this artistic and technical collaboration.

It may not seem it at first, but the collaboration between Los Angeles-based Brain Dead and Rapha was formed naturally due to Brain Dead’s alignment on crafting extreme pieces.

Self described as “Not one person, nor it is one idea,” Brain Dead get their wacky ideas from post punk inspiration, underground comics and the spirit of subculture as a whole. 

Rapha are renowned for creating not only some of the best cycling apparel warn by athletes, but also for crafting their collections so they’re suitable for both cyclists and for everyday wear.

Launched today at the Brain Dead and Rapha websites, take a closer look at the impressive imagery of the new collection below…

Some of the most noticeable pieces include the new Brain Dead x Rapha Lightweight jacket which is priced at a reasonable £155. It’s also made with a windproof ripstop nylon for the best tear resistance and coated with durable water resistance.

Brain Dead‘s busy graphic designs are on full display with the “Hypnotic Trailz” pattern on the Lightweight Jacket. The Trail Cap, made from elastic nylon, features another busy design with multiple stitching, colours and a large duo branding on the front.

The rest of the collection features more outerwear with the same “Hypnotic Trailz” pattern, a useful trail hip pack, a technical biking shirt that stands away from the skin for comfort, and trail cycling trousers with extra pockets and warming fabrics. 

The new collection is available now and whether it’s to cycle in some durable style or if you’re not a cycler and just want to withstand the cold in some technical, graphical gear – this collaboration may be the one you’re looking for.

If you like the look of Brain Dead’s artistic approach to fashion, head over to Slam Jam to browse their extensive Brain Dead selections. 

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