Black, White & Yellow Refresh Juventus's Iconic Stripes For The 23/24 Season

Black, White & Yellow Refresh Juventus’s Iconic Stripes For The 23/24 Season

May 16, 2023
Dom Challis

Juventus debuted their new home kit for the 23/24 season against Cremonese on May 14 and despite winning the game 2-0, things didn’t go exactly according to plan, especially for Paul Pogba.

The injury-prone Pogba was the main man during the unveiling of the new kit and was even handed his very first start since rejoining Juventus, yet that didn’t stop Pogba from being Pogba and unfortunately having to leave the pitch after only 24 minutes due to injury.

As for the new kit itself, Adidas have overseen a contemporary update of the iconic stripes of Juventus‘ home kit, who have proudly worn the stripes since 1903. The new home kit can be seen below and is currently available from Adidas

The stripes of Juventus have seen a variety of different stripes over the years and this latest adaption introduces a unique brushstroke effect applied to the black shades atop of a white base.

What stands out the most is the new addition of flashes of bright yellow that decorates the sleeves, collar, hem, and logos – providing a colourful element to the usual black and white kit.

Similar to how most clubs launch their most recent kits, the Juventus 23/24 Home Authentic Jersey is available for £130 from Adidas, while the similar but slightly different 23/24 Home Jersey is available for £80.

Juventus‘ signature logo is placed in the usual chest position alongside the Adidas 3-Stripes emblem and Jeep sponsor – all three emblems and brandings have also been highlighted with the new bright yellow hues.

Despite Pogba’s new injury to his left thigh that will most likely mean he’s out for the rest of the season, this isn’t exactly something Juventus aren’t used to as they prepare for their Europa League Semi-Final 2nd leg against Sevilla on Thursday, May 18.

If you like the look of the new jersey, follow the links to head over to Adidas to take a closer look at the new Juventus 23/23 Home Authentic Jersey and 23/24 Home Jersey.

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