Air Jordan 1 High Zoom get a fresh makeover in a ‘Rage Green’

Air Jordan 1 High Zoom get a fresh makeover in a ‘Rage Green’

June 16, 2020
Michael Barbara

The Jordan sneakers, whether it be mid, high, low, OG are regardless of style one of the most sought after sneakers out there. While they never really fell out of popularity, the success of the “Last Dance” docuseries which outlines Michael Jordan’s career, has generated an extra wave of hype around these iconic shoes. Nike are taking full advantage of the fruitful and well primed market which is more than ready for this next drop which will undeniably be a success due to the close resemblance the design holds to the OG Jordan 1s. 

The main difference between the OG’s and the Zooms actually lies within the technology used in the soles of the sneakers, the nike ‘Air Zoom’ technology. This upgrade offers additional support and comfort. The zoom technology was originally developed to enhance the responsiveness athletes felt under their feet, and was tested on several individuals through training and competitions delivering unmatched results. While it certainly changes you experience on track, while running and training, this technology was carried over to several lifestyle shoes that nike produces due to the extremely comfortable feeling it provides. 

The air Jordan was first designed by Peter C. Moore for Michael B Jordan in 1984, then known as the nike “air ship” which eventually acted as the prototype for the “Air Jordan 1”. The airship was banned by David Stern, an NBA commissioner and lawyer on the grounds of the 51 percent rule which meant that the airships did not feature enough white on them to meet the standards. Nike and its team went back to the drawing board eventually releasing the air Jordan 1 in 1985 in colour ways which featured a lot more white. Nike smartly used the hype and buzz generated around the discontinuation of the Jordan’s not so distant cousins, the air ships as advertising, hinting that the shoes gave an unfair competitive advantage.

In the five months between its November appearance and its drop in April, nike’s smart advertising and the players’ prestige generated an amount of hype unseen over a pair of sneakers before. In New York City people were stealing the promotional posters from bus stations and some of the first resellers in history flipped their $65 Air Jordans for as much as $100 going to show just how crazy demand was. The company generated sales worth 100$ million in 1985 alone following the air Jordan 1 drop, a win which was much needed for the brand, and with demand so high, the market was flooding with air Jordan 1’s, reaching demographics they were never intended for. 

The street’s love affair with these sneakers has a long spanning history which holds immense cultural value, they have endured the test of trends and time and become a classic through which several generations are reflected. The ‘Rage Green’ colour way features a furry suede material in the green shade on the toes and mid panels while the rest is constructed In the classic black leather. Neon green stitching stands out giving an extra touch of edge while the swooshes are renewed in an iridescent material which ties in perfectly with the icy translucent outsole. The Jordan insignia remains embossed in the side panels and the inside is lined in a fresh green hue. 

The Air Jordan 1 High Zoom in ‘Rage Green’ are set to release on the 20th of June and will retail for £155. Head on over to nike SNKRS and set your reminders to cop yourself a pair


Researcher: Milo Gall, @ Milog_Gall